Monday, November 24, 2008

Troy Oldham's Week10 Post #2

I just watched the news and was very impressed with the PR of a certain security company. Icon Securities in Provo, Utah, is under a lot of scrutiny for lying about their security systems. I feel like the spokesman was very prepared to answer the tough questions that came his way. They were very careful with the words used and they spoke of the punishments that had been given out to those salesman guilty of dishonesty. All in all it was pretty good. They made it seem like the whole problem was with salesman, but I find that hard to beleive. They had people from all over the country that had all been deceived by the same company. Sounds like more than a few bad eggs to me.

Troy Oldham's Week10 Post #1

Kurt Bestor's Best Singer Search is over now. It actually went pretty well. It was a great learning experience and it was very interesting to see how things panned out after all of our work was done. Although we did not quite get as many people out as we had hoped for, we had a great turnout and there was some great talent there to boot. Even as we were listening to the performers, we were recruiting more people to come in and sing. There were a lot of hoops to jump through, but when all was said and done, I think it was a success.

Troy Oldham's Week 9 Post #2

A few days ago the CEO’s of Ford, GM, and Chrysler flew into Washington DC to ask for a $25 billion bail out. The amazing part is—all three flew in on private jets! They went to plead their case that they are running out of money yet still use these jets worth millions and millions of dollars! They definitely could have used a PR advisor telling them it would look a lot better for their case if they flew in coach, or at the very least, first class! You’d think companies would learn that lesson after AIG big wigs got such a bad reputation by going on an extravagant “company retreat” just after receiving a huge bail out from the government.

Troy Oldham's Week 9 Post #1

I think something that we need to have someone take care of is some PR for the government. We need someone that can make us look a little better to the rest of the world. We are having some serious issues on how we are perceived by others. It would also be helpful for this PR person to give some ideas on how we fix the unrest with the economic situation. I think it would go a long way in helping to boost morale.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Group Prospectus Draft

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization is "the nation's leading youth mentoring organization", striving to "reach local children who need a Big Brother or Big Sister." Volunteers spend a few hours each month with their "littles", playing games, getting ice cream, or other such activities. Any money spent comes from the volunteers themselves. We would like to offer a special activity for "bigs" and their "littles" to share in a day of fun and adventure at Lagoon. There are currently *** volunteers and *** children enrolled in our organization, and we would like to get them into Lagoon for one day for free. It would be sure to be a day the children talk to with their friends and families, spreading the word about the park, as well as a day for the volunteers to enjoy, increasing the likelyhood that they would revisit the park with their friends.
(this is a draft, we have a lot of work to do)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Troy Oldham's Week 8 Post #2

Utah State just fired their football coach, Brent Guy, today. I was thinking that we really need a rockin' PR campaign targeting coaches. I don't know very many people that are jumping at the opportunity to be the head coach of one of the lowest ranked football teams in the country. I am not sure exactly how to go about it. You might want to target current assistant coaches and coordinators. You might also consider targeting current high school coaches that are looking for a chance to prove themselves. I don't think that they will hire anyone without college coaching experience, but I think it might be just what the program needs to get going. Either way, we seriously need to figure out how we can get a winner in here, and fast.

Troy Oldham's Week 8 Post #1

We are in the midst of our final group projects for Preston's class and it is getting to be pretty intense. We have already cranked out PSAs and not were working on a 4-page prospectus. I am not exactly sure what this has to do with PR, but if this is what I would have to do in an agency then this is not the route for me. I do not enjoy this aspect of it at all. I will probably pay other people to come in and do these sorts of presentations for my company rather than spend the time to put it together myself.